Authentication with Xano & WeWeb

No matter the setup of values. We are getting errors related to xano auth beta plugin of a 400 saying the values are missing even if the values are not.

We reached out to xano - and they confirmed we have setup everything properly. But the 400 error persist. With Signup / Create Account

Xano & WeWeb Auth Plugin Not Working?

Here is a quick video of what is happening each time.

What is shown in the XANO request history?

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I got it fixed. But I did not use the Xano Authenication Plugin. I just had to use a Request API for the workflow. There was no other workaround that could be used. Every time it just kept saying missing parameter. But doing this I am able to do a little more customization for the signup process beyond just name, email, & password. If anyone needs help with this don’t hesitate to reach out!