Signup issue using Xano auth element

Hi there!

When I used the Xano authentication element the sign up form was unable to take the authentication token appropriately in the WW config variables and thus errored out the sign up process. However, not before logging the new user in Xano. And because the access token is not captured by WW the process ceases when the user is captured in Xano and I’m unable to validate the user and move them to the home screen.

How do I correct this error so that my users can sign up?

Hi @Profound5753,

The Xano signup action should be working fine. Here’s a short video explaining how to set things up on the WeWeb side of things.

Does that help?

If not, please let me know and, if possible, record a short video showing how things are setup on your end in Xano and WeWeb so that we can help you out.

Hi Joyce! Here’s the issue that I’m experiencing:

Can you share the “responseURL” that’s in the left-hand bar when you get that 401? Since the Weweb xano auth plugin uses multiple endpoints to do its business, I wonder if the error is coming from somewhere else. would help us zero in on the situation.