Looking for WeWeb + Xano freelancer / agency

Hey everyone! I am looking for someone to help develop a project to be built in WeWeb with a Xano backend. Here are some of the project requirements:

  • user accounts
  • user-generated data via form etc.
  • user profile pages
  • filtered lists (by end-user)
  • data validation on user-submitted data

If you are interested in working on this project, please let me know!

Thanks :smile:


Hey, we can help! Sending you a PM

Actually I can’t. In any case, we can meet on Zoom. Book a call https://connex.digital/book/automate

I can also help! Built three projects with Weweb and Xano, with all the features you mentioned. Feel free to book a time on www.jpwstudio.com or message me on twitter @jackpwaterman