WeWeb - No Maintenance Notice


I came back to my desk to work and WeWeb was under maintenance.
I had no emails about it, no notice, and nowhere to go to check announcements for it regarding the ETA or live status.

Could someone please advise if there is something in place to notify users in advance or send emails about it? If not, I believe that this is an extremely important transparence to have for your users. E.g: I would have arranged my workday differently by accounting for the maintenance times. Even if this one was unexpected (in our domain unexpected maintenances are always lurking around the corner of course), a notice email would be quite valuable.


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I saw a notice recently when I logged in a few days back.

Hey @aeynaud :wave:

We notified you in the product 1 week in advance. Didn’t you see the popup?

We’ll add a non-dismissable banner in the future.

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Hi @Quentin , woops! Looks like I didn’t see it.
Right that’s great, thank you guys for the great community/customer support!


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