WeWeb is painfully slow at the same point each day!

Is anyone experiencing some extremely slow performance when editing an app?

I have been staring at the loading GIF with a bunch of console errors for 40 minutes! I upgraded to scale yesterday too. I am not happy! It seems like at 9 pm PT, WeWeb is painfully slow.

Low code is supposed to save me time, but it would be quicker if I coded it!

504 Gateway time out error!!

Failed to load plugins!

Hi @tjmcdonough,

We are really sorry for this slow performance at 9 pm PT. It was due to a script. We solved this issue.
Again really sorry, hope everything is fine now. Don’t hesitate if you have more questions

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Haha I love that. That is an awesome bug! I am glad I have helped. I will let you know at 9PM PT how I get on :slight_smile:

i’ve noticed the same issue at the exact same time previously, @tjmcdonough

thank you for fixing @Mael

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