Vacation Rentals Portal

Good morning, just to be sure…
Looking to use Weweb to create a membership Vacation Rentals website.
I have some data to list properties and update prices and availability from API or Mysql.

I see natively don’t have a Check-in checkout dates field functionality. so maybe small coding required.

Is the frontend something like Airbnb >? some template to work on?
Willl be possible to have Stipe on the payment reservation integrated

What the best solution to do it?


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Hi @Backingcorp ,
we have a Date Range input, is it what you want when you are talking about checkin/checkout date field?

Stripe integration will be available soon.

All of this is very possible with WeWeb and WeWeb is a perfect match for your needs. Stripe checkout is currently a plugin within WeWeb, and you can also use Stripes API and the REST API in WeWeb to build more advanced Stripe flows.

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Wondering if possible to buy this plugin to get this functionality:

And what about some templates like import from figma or similar?


That link just takes me to a payment page, but you would need to create a custom element for importing any external libraries. See this topic below:

WeWeb does not currently have any native import from Figma. Take a look at the topic below:


Sorry wrong link : this one


In the built-in range date picker of weweb the start date is always before the end date, it adjust the right sorting by itself. If this is what you need is already in weweb, no need for custom code.

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