Upload File using Upload care

Hi everyone, I’m exploring uploading files. I was able to implement upload directly to Xano but now the client wants to have their CDN in uploadcare Upload API Reference — Uploadcare

I’m not very much familiar API calls for uploading files though. Any help or insight would be great. TIA

Are you looking to integrate the uploader widget?

The best way is to create a custom code plugin that handles it and exposes to the weweb nocode interface the upload events and data. That’s what we did with @kyanaloe Incorporate HTML Element in Workflow - #3 by kyanaloe

not necessary. i was thinking if we can recycle or reuse the code for uploading directly to Xano but in this case the upload care.

What do you mean by recycle?
Shure you can upload to uploadcare directly with their api. The widget just does the heavy lifting for you.

sorry for the confusion as to the terms but what i simply mean is that i was hoping that the uploading to uploadcare is the same with uploading Xano. However, i dont know how. haha

If you have already ui and error handling in place for xano you can check the uploadcare api documentation to see what is the equivalent api call that you need.