Incorporate HTML Element in Workflow

I am trying to integrate Uploadcare into my app, to allow for HIPAA compliant file upload, storage, and downloads.

I have added the uploadcare upload widget to my form container, but I can’t tell how to get the file id from the widget in order to save it to my backend on form submission.

Has anyone had success getting data from an HTML element and using it in a workflow?

Hi, @kyanaloe , can you show us what you pasted in the HTML element? Or what do you mean by

I have added the uploadcare upload widget to my form container

Could you make a quick video to show us? I suppose we are going to need to work with the Uploadcare API.

I’m actually working with @dorilama to create a custom plugin for this. Thanks for your response, though, @flo !


Ooooh exciting! Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

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@kyanaloe did you have any chance to create the uploadcare plugin? Could you give some tips as to how you’ve implemented it please? I would be very much interested to integrate it in my project.

I didn’t build it, I commissioned my uploadcare plugin from @dorilama . It works great! I’m not sure if he would be willing to sell it to you, too, but I highly recommend his work in general


Thank you for the reply @kyanaloe :slight_smile:
@dorilama would you be able to help with the plugin integration or consider selling it ? thx

I just sent you a dm. :slight_smile:

@dorilama I am also interested :slight_smile:

@Patrice I just sent you a dm :slight_smile:

Hello! I would like to get uploadcare plugin. Did you make it?

@George I sent you a dm :slight_smile: