Unable to make pagination work

I have a collection.
Here is how it returns data

I set pagination to 2

Here is how data get displayed

Pagination element shows right number , but all elements are visible.
Only 2 is supposed to be visible right ?

Here is how my setup of paginator looks like

Here is my layout if its needed

What am I doing wrong ?

Did u create a on click workflow on the paginator, and refetch the collection on change of paginator?

I just tried it. On click collections are loading
But nothing really changes on main display
All records are just listed with no regard to pagination rule i set.

Is there a step to basically connect this paginator to the repeating items ?

I am missing something thats obvious …

hope someone would be able to help

bump again. i am still stuck here.

hope someone would be able to help

Hi @dingan ,

Did you add pagination to the Xano API for fetching data collections? The data in Xano should be paginated, with the first page passed to Weweb. After that, you set up pagination on the Weweb end by passing the variable, and with each click, you have to refetch the collection with the updated variable.

by the above screenshot you have attached i am not able to debug the exact issue, but above method i used to add pagination functionality