TUTORIAL – How to link a custom domain to a WeWeb app

:point_right:First, go on the settings of the project you want to link a custom domain to.

:point_right:Here, click on Domains, then on Connect an existing domain name:

:point_right:Here, type the domain you want to use and click Connect domain name:

:warning: WeWeb doesn’t support naked domain for the moment. Be sure to use a subdomain (the most common one is www) :warning:

:point_right:Then, you’ll land on this page with the data you’ll have to setup on your domain’s registrar:

The first one (in red) is a CNAME record that you should add so that your site uses SSL (HTTPS).

The second one (in green) is a CNAME record too, that you should add to link your subdomain (here www) to the website.

For both, the Name is the subdomain you should add the value in Data to.

To help you, here is the documentation to do so for specific registrars:






:information_source: If your registrar is not on this list, please contact us.

Once redirected (it can take up to 48 hours depending on your registrar), your website should be live on your domain!