Performance Discussion

Just a discussion and I try not to bog myself down in it until I have users complaining, but I wanted to understand design in relation to performance a lot more. These are a some things I am hoping to understand better as I get further and deeper into launching. I know everything isn’t so black/white, simple to compare/rank and the rabbit hole could go on forever. However, I would love if we created a great in depth article that we could routinely reference.

  1. Main concepts of SPA performance to understand. (i.e. what amount of data loaded can affect performance (rows, columns, # of collections), what on the front end can affect performance (components, logic, variables, filtering, sorting, etc.), and so on…)

  2. Things in WeWeb that might be good to know. (differences in performance between editor/preview/published, how collections are loaded, anything else…)

  3. How to performance test, other than visually. Ideally, would love to see metrics on a dashboard of some sort.

  4. Methods to investigate and track how and where collection data is used. Kind of similar to how you can select a variable and see everywhere the variable is used. I love that feature so I can delete things that got hidden in an old formula or something.

  5. Any additional resources that you’d suggest or topics that would be good for discussion or things you’ve encountered while building.


This is a subject I am very much interested in as well! Looking forward to the discussion.

The single biggest thing that helped the performance of my app was to not Auto Fetch collections. When I first published my app the performance was terrible, moved to manual collection pull and things seem to be work pretty well. Backend is Xano.


Could you explaine what do you mean

I’m not sure if it’s default anymore, but it was when I started. If you go to a collection, you will see there is an automatic fetch trigger. If that is enabled, every time you load a page, every collection you have that set to will auto fetch, super inefficient. What you want to do instead is fetch collections when you need them (on page load, when clicking something, etc), not automatically, ever…


Would love some input from the weweb team on these items.


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