Symbols - Global Sections/Blocks

So I’m a little confused on how symbols work. I’m trying to get my side menu as a global block, but I can’t control the positioning of a section in the editor.

Am I missing something? Or does someone know something I don’t?

Hi @franciscolora0524,

A new sidebar menu will be push on the UI Kit next week, and I think you could do what you want :slight_smile:

Otherwise, you can create a new project with the dashboard template. And in this project, you can copy / paste the sidebar menu

For symbol, it’s an instance of a section. To create one, you need to go on another page. And on the add element menu, you can select “Multi-page sections”, drag and drop your section and choose “create an instance”

If you modify one instance section, it will be modified on all page where it is

Hey Mael,

Thanks for the response, but what’s tough for me to figure out, is how to have a sidebar section as a symbol. That way, I can just add additional content to the main content section without affecting the sidebar.

It’s tough to explain, but it’ll be much easier if I can make any section/div/container into a symbol.

When will that or the sidebar elementor be released?


I am sorry but I am not sure to understand what do you mean “into a symbol”, could you explain?

Sorry for our UI Kit, we have some little delay, I don’t know when it will be released

Maybe the Linked section is the feature you want to talk about? Linked section will be “linked”, and any change to one will change the other.

Yeah, meaning a linked section. The problem is that because it’s only a section that I can have as a linked element, it makes it hard to have a linked section that’s a sidebar.

In the dashboard template, the sidebar is a section with a fix width. And all the main content is in another section with a left margin of the width of the sidebar
You can reuse easily the sidebar in your different page and create a linked section