Simple Weweb Interface question


I just noticed that one of the sections in my weweb navigator has turned blue with a “link” symbol. I am not sure what I did to make this happen and what does it mean? I don’t even know how to search for it in documentation.

Anyone knows what it means and it’s implications?

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 9.13.42 AM

That is linked section symbol.

When you are trying to copy a section into another page, you will have a choice to set an instance or copy.

If you selected an instance, it will change the symbol nad define it as linked section.

What is an linked section? It is related to SPA. When you use a linked section in different pages, the same section is applied and not copied. When you change an element in a linked section it will change throughout all the pages. This helps your UX as that section won’t be refreshed and state will stays the same when changing pages.

You can read more about it here 🗽 Symbols

Thanks @khairul. I have copy pasted multiple elements but this popup never showed. I appreciate the clarification.

when you copy a section on another page, on same page won’t be an option.

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hi @khairul I think you might know. I have a linked symbol. I think I created it as a linked symbol by mistake. I am trying to unlink it.

The element shows up in the project : multi page sections on the nav bar. There are no obvious properties I can use to unlink it.

The tutorial video also does not show how to unlink it.

Do you know, how to unlink it?

just copy and paste the section, delete the linked ones