Swipeable list?

Is it possible to implement a swipeable list like react-swipeable-list - npm

Hi @Kevian :wave:

Can’t think of a way you would do this in WeWeb right now but we have an NPM plugin on the roadmap that will allow you to import 3rd party libraries. Don’t have a timeline for the release date though.

Joyce, how about a Vue plug-in? Would it be possible to import this library for the swipeable list (npm:vue-swipe-actions | Skypack)? Can you please show me an example of importing a Vue plug-in?

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At the moment you need to create a custom element to import external libraries. Have a look at the docs.

As an example see my custom element that integrates Stripe Elements (see this line)

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Also all our own elements are open source, you can take a look for example on the kanban or the slider element.
Some integration are easier than other, depending on how much customization you want inside the editor.
Some customer have been quite sucessfull to integrate chart library for example, or like @dorilama third parties like Stripe