Strange issue in Preview mode with inline links to Pages?


Having this strange issue with inline links to other Pages when in Preview mode.

If I click on a text link ie; Already a user? Log In (to direct to my Log In page) it will not redirect to it, opens a blank page and then makes strange duplicates in the Page navigator?

Very odd behaviour?

Works fine on buttons used in a Workflow, just appears when using the inline linking option.

Also when I go back to edit the link it looks like the link setting is lost, even though I’d set it as ‘Page’ previously?

What do you mean by “inline links”?

Could you share a loom walking us through the issue please so we understand a bit better what’s happening?


I’ve had a look in your Editor but can’t figure out what’s going on.

It looks like you have an empty link on the “Sign up” text:

I’m going to pass this over to our dev team so they can look into it.

Ok cool.

Devs. It’s over to you :grinning:

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