Link with 'Open in New Page' not working correctly?


I’m trying to have a Button when clicked link to a Stripe URL but not open in a new page.

Setting that option to ‘Off’ doesn’t do anything, and still opens a new browser window?

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Have you seen this behavior on the published website or in the Editor?

It should work properly on the published website.

In the Editor:

  • every internal link is opened on the same page, even if the “Open in new page” setting is “On”
  • every external link is opened in a new page, even if the “Open in new page” setting is “Off”

This is because your WeWeb app is wrapped in an iframe in the Editor.

It’s a great observation though. I’ve added your feedback to our user research so we can think of a good way to either change that or warn you when you use this setting.

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Only in Preview mode.

Makes sense as Preview is in a wrapper.

Thanks for the heads up Joyce.

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