Store/retrieve Xano authorization header with Xano plugin

First, WeWeb is a powerful, well-supported tool. Best wishes to you all …

I have the Xano & Xano Auth plugins properly configured (at least as far as I know), but I am having an issue with the signup endpoint. First, our signup endpoint has both a first and last name rather than simply a name. However, the default Sign Up appears to only include a complete name field.

#1 Is there a way to configure the default Sign Up endpoint to match my fields?

#2 Since I didn’t see a way to configure the default Sign Up endpoint, I created my own Xano request to perform the signup. Since the Xano signup endpoint returns an auth token, how can I store the returned auth token from my custom request so I can use it for additional requests in the same workflow?

Thanks in advance.

I managed to solve my basic problem, which was caused by some steps in the function stack of my Xano login API designed to solve issues with and are no longer needed.

The workflow now looks like:
My custom Xano signup request → Xano login to grab auth token → Another custom Xano request → Fetch user

However, my first question remains: can I configure the default Sign Up endpoint added by the Xano Auth plugin so that I don’t need a custom Xano signup request? If not, maybe modify the Xano Auth plugin to grab whatever inputs are setup on the Xano side and offer a way to refresh if those change.

Hello, thank you very much for your message and glad you like WeWeb :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to configure our default Sign up action in WeWeb. To use your fields and do what you want, you can use our plugin REST API and use the action request to call your sign up endpoint and add all fields you want