Xano Sign-up Auth — Error 404

I have created a form in WeWeb which has the following fields (I edited a sign-up template and tweaked it to my use case) —

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email Address
  • Password

Now, in the Plugins, I went to Authentication and connected Xano Auth to the page.
I have configured all the Endpoints, defined redirections, and configured user role.
In the form container, I have created a Workflow that is triggered On Submit. Next, I have defined the Xano Sign up action.

PROBLEM — Now the problem is that I have four fields (as stated above), but the Xano Sign up action shows only three (which are Email, Password, Name). I have added a redirect user action after this as well.

On testing, I am getting a ERROR 400. My guess is that since the schema in which I am sending the data is not right (malformed request syntax, invalid request message framing). How do I fix this?

I use Xano as my backend as well, and I don’t use the plug in. The plugin is basically catered to very specific use cases and once you make small changes in Xano, it doesn’t adapt to fit those changes.

Just use the normal REST API calls in WeWeb

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@felixtanhm : We’ve used the Magic Link + Email Verification plugin in Xano. However we’ve modified the user DB and corresponding APIs as per our requirements (renamed name to first_name and added last_name and few other columns).

We do plan to directly integrate with these REST APIs but not sure how to go about it? Would you have any reference implementation for our help ? Thanks in advance.

Below is the sign up API implementation details. It takes first_name, email, password, last_name as payload.

Sorry if this is late.

I haven’t personally used magic links in Xano, but this is how I have configured a REST API in WeWeb to send a request to my Xano backend.

For your case, the fields would be First name, email, Last name and password. The URL you can get from Xano by clicking on endpoint URL in the top right of the screenshot you posted.

I am having a similar problem.

Its adding the records but it is returning errors 403 if duplicate or 500 if its a new record.

Xano is showing the correct responses. 403 if duplicate or 200 if its a new record

Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 9.23.13 PM

The issue reported in this thread doesn’t exist anymore as we parse the signup xano endpoint to expose dynamically the required parameters.

Can you share the payload sent to your xano ? You can see it by opening the devpanel and checking the network tab then by clicking on your request.