Sort collection in datagrid by nested value

I’m trying to sort items in a Datagrid by a nested value. Within ‘_user’ there is a field called ‘name’ which I’d like to sort on, but it’s not available in the UI. How can I access that please?

Bump. Anyone able to help please?

Hi @Dorian, we are working on a solution to let you choose a nested value in that interface. Meanwhile, you can use the sort formula. Like this :point_down:

You can do the same with filters.

Tell us if that works for you.

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Thanks for the reply @flo but it doesn’t seem to work. I tried four different variations and although they do apply some sort of sort, it’s not an alphabetical sort on the field. Am I doing something wrong?


Here is the expanded view of the collection:

@flo Any suggestions please?

Hi @Dorian, this should work. I need to access your project to understand why it does not. I’m going to contact you through email.

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In situations 1 and 4, it looks like you are sorting - descending, and case-sensitive. (Capitals are earlier in the ASCII sequence than lowercase). The flip is the first think I would consider - is there something here that is reversing the “ASC” sort?

Thanks @flo I replied to your email.

I simply want an alpha sort on the name, regardless of capitalization.

I resolved this by reworking the API response to to get the Users at the top level, thereby allowing the sort to work using the nocode capability.

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