How to Sort in Descending via formula

I feel like I’m missing something obvious here. I’m trying to bind the sort formula to be ascending and descending based on the selected value. When it’s not binded, the descending works fine. When binded, I can’t find the string that makes the descending sort work. It ALWAYS sorts in ascending order despite the value it is binded to. I can’t find any documentation on it or any syntax in the mozilla js docs, because they use sort() and reverse(), not a string value of ‘asc’ or desc’. I’ve tried all of the following values with no luck.

‘dsc’, ‘Dsc’
‘desc’, ‘Desc’
‘descending’, ‘Descending’
‘descend’, ‘Descend’
‘reverse’, ‘Reverse’

This page would make it seem like ‘descending’ is the right value.

Appreciate the help


Have you tried DESC?


Wow I would not have guessed all caps :man_facepalming:

That worked, thank you man!

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Incredible. I was trying to resolve this for at least 1 hour…just read this solution! thanks.