1st Class Sort for Datagrid

Hi all - I was trolling through previous support questions and I noticed there was some expectation that datagrids would have 1st class support for sorting in the near future. Is that still on the roadmap and if so are there any indications about when we could expect it?

In previous threads there’s also a mention of using ‘custom headers’ as a workaround, but i’m not certain I can conceptualize that and if there’s any documentation or examples of someone actually implementing that (if that’s still the preferred solution here) I’d be interested in learning more. Here’s where that’s referenced: New Datagrid Element Questions

Hi @rguerrero-archenia :wave:

It’s a feature that has been postponed a few times because we’ve been struggling to find an intuitive solution and there is workaround. It’s still top of mind and we are working to add it natively to the data grid but we’re not sure when it’ll be available.

The custom headers solution is a bit heavy. You’d need to hide the header from the data grid and create your own with a workflow on each column to refetch the collection that’s displayed in the data grid with an “ASC” or “DESC” order.

Does that make more sense? If not, let me know. I’ll try to put together a short tutorial for you

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Hi Joyce - thanks for responding back!

What you outlined makes sense to us so far. I’ll respond back if it seems like we’re having fundamental issues applying the workaround.

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