Slow SPA Loading to change page

I realise that changing between pages is incredibly slow, we can see the weweb docs as an example.

Is there a reason for these? Even the sidebar ‘the linked section’ loads slower when initiate. I hope weweb in the future can make the static collection pages as fast as gatsby or vuepress, I hope that’s the goal and I wish you guys the best!


Hi @khairul,

Optimization of the loading is a subject of every day, we will focus on it at the end of this year. But we improve WeWeb each day to be more performant

On our side, the documentation is not particularly slow, you have to wait between each page?


Just to add to this. With the new SPA feature it’s great that we can now split our app onto many pages but as khairul say it makes the development tiresome because switching pages in the editor takes awhile.


Thank you @Mael , not really slow, but really not on par with other static pages like gitbook or others. Looking forward to it and I think you guys will achieve it very soon!

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