Prefetch and prerender pages

Hi, in webflow, theres option wether to prefetch, or prerender other pages.

I think in building a web app, a dashboard usually have menus that a user usually navigates through continuously. So, the ability to prefetch or prerender other pages is so important, for them to have seamless expreience like a desktop/mobile app.

Also right now I think my app is incredible slow between changing pages, that is why I am requesting this feature. I hope weweb can have these features soon. Or is there already?

Hi @khairul,

WeWeb create SPA, so when you app will be published, all linked section (instance) won’t be reloaded between the pages

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As Mael already pointed out linked sections won’t need to be reloaded. However you will only notice this on a published site. In the editor it will reload the whole page each time.

Thank you for answering, my problem however the changing between pages takes a bit long of time, as the docs

On my side the page of the doc take less than 1s to change, do you have a measure or video to show us how is-it long?