Prefetch and prerender pages

Hi, in webflow, theres option wether to prefetch, or prerender other pages.

I think in building a web app, a dashboard usually have menus that a user usually navigates through continuously. So, the ability to prefetch or prerender other pages is so important, for them to have seamless expreience like a desktop/mobile app.

Also right now I think my app is incredible slow between changing pages, that is why I am requesting this feature. I hope weweb can have these features soon. Or is there already?

Hi @khairul,

WeWeb create SPA, so when you app will be published, all linked section (instance) won’t be reloaded between the pages

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As Mael already pointed out linked sections won’t need to be reloaded. However you will only notice this on a published site. In the editor it will reload the whole page each time.

Thank you for answering, my problem however the changing between pages takes a bit long of time, as the docs

On my side the page of the doc take less than 1s to change, do you have a measure or video to show us how is-it long?

Hey @Mael , I am having the same issue. At my entire app was sitting on a single page, with a dozen of sections (each section being a “page”). This was fantastic once published because clicking my navigation sidebar instantly switched pages. My web-app needs to be very dynamic and fast paced, and doing this allowed me to achieve this speed.

However, the page is now extremely slow on WeWeb’s Editor and takes me ages to simply navigate between sections or elements in the Navigator. I have taken a couple of hours to migrate all of my app onto multiple pages and the sidebar in each linking to their corresponding cages.

Once published, it takes more than 5 seconds to change pages when navigating in the web-app. This time-lapse is quite frustrating for a user and completely breaks the “native-app” feel that it previously had when all my elements/sections were on a single page. Now, it feels like a website that you click on a link and patiently wait for the page to load.

What am I doing wrong?

@aeynaud Are you familiar with using the network tab in dev tools of Chrome? This is a really good place to start.

I’d start there if I was trying to debug and determine what is loading/what calls are actually being made/what is taking so long.

@kevinwasie I know the very basics of it. Upon clicking on a tab which links to another page, below is what I see. This is for a page that takes roughly 6 seconds to load.

This isn’t accurate because what I see is fetch appearing on the network tab first and loads for 900ms, then ~4 seconds pass, then xhr appears and takes ~900 ms.
The 4 seconds between fetch and xhr I have no idea where it is coming from.

It is loading a page with about 6 sections in it.

If you have problem in Editor only, this can be relate to a recent issue with the Variable Panel. Do you have a heavy variable here?

I also experience pretty severe page change lag in my published apps. Noticed the same across multiple weweb apps, even the docs like @khairul mentioned.

Even when changing to a page with linked sections and minimal data, the lag exists. It’s like it takes the app a second or two to register the request.

Would love to see this improved towards a nice and snappy SPA experience.

I have the same problem with a page changing delay in my published app. App needs up to 1-2 second before the page will be changed

Hi @aeynaud, @clncsports and @George,
Can you send me a DM with your projects links and some fake credentials to connect inside the app (if needed) ?
I will try to find what is wrong.

Thanks a lot @Marc , I have since reverted my whole app to sit on a single page with hide/show sections, but I will turn a couple of sections into pages and get back to you. Cheers