Select newly created row

Is there a (no code) way to select the row that you have just created?

What Backend are you using? In Supabase this can be done fairly easily. In something like Xano, you will need to return the row in your API as a response.

Supabase. I know how to get the row uid but how to I make it the selected row in weweb

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Could you describe more what you’re wanting to achieve and how you’re setting up the workflows?

I am inserting a new row in a supabase table. After that I want the focus to be on the newly created line in weweb as if I’d clicked on that row with the mouse.

Could you show the row layout? And how you’re focusing on the new row manually

Ok. I’ll show more tomorrow. It’s late here at the moment

This is interesting for me as well. Very new to WeWeb but I have managed to bind a collection list, in the form of a table element, to a table in Supabase. This in turn connects to another Supabase bound table element with more detail. So, the user clicks on a row in Table 1 and this reveals the related data in Table 2 by way of filtering. At the moment, when Table 1 is initially shown (again by filtering) Table 2 is not shown until a row in Table 1 is selected. I want the first row in Table 1 to always be selected so that the related information in Table 2 is always shown. Is there a no code way?

See image below. When I select the item I show all available prices for that item. When I add a new item I want to be able to have that row already selected so that I can add a new price to it

And how are you selecting the rows in the first place? What workflow is going on?

ok I think by looking at the workflow I can figure this out. I’ll give it a go tonight and get back to you.

I have mostly figure this out. I can set the colour (using a state) of the new row but I dont know how to scroll to the newly created row. Is there a way to set focus, or scroll to or navigate to? I don’t know what the terminology is in weweb.

I would look into scroll into view js function. It’s also here on the forum

Will do. Thanks

I’ve tried to look into this. I won’t be able to figure it out. I hope there will be a nocode way to set focus on an element or scroll to a selected row one day.