Querying specific data from supabase

Hi, regarding the topic above, just a feedback. WeWeb has a really good function with supabase, the advance mode. However, I want to use it to query specific data from users, which is stored with variable. It would be really good if this advanced mode has the function to bind to variable, that would solve my problem. However, for the meanwhile, is there a workaround for this? Thank you

Thank you for the feedback, unfortunately at the moment there is no way to do what you want

If you want to fetch data from supabase with specific rows, try to create collection via REST API as below, instead of using supabase plugin. It is effective same as supabase view.

Key Authorization
Value Bearer [your API anon key]
Key apikey
Value [your API anon key]
Query string
Key select
Value *
Key [fieldname]
Value eq.[value]

It means “select * from [table_name] where [fieldname] = [value];”.
Other filters are explained at Using Filters | Supabase.

Is it difficult to merge this function to supabase plugin?
If possible, No need to duplicate API anon key various place.

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