Select All - Modify Multiple Records at once

Hi, I’m new to WeWeb… It’s a brave new world :sweat_smile:
I’ve got experience with tools like Glide which is simpler but significantly more limiting.

So Question; How do I modify multiple Rows/Records at once?

For Instance;

  • A select All Button to Change Column values to True.
  • Select All to Change all values in a specific column to a value in a drop-down
  • Select Rows to filter for CSV Export

How would I do that?

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Hi @eden :wave:

I would use an iterator action to loop over all the selected records and update them :wink:


Thought So! Awesome :slight_smile:

Would the formula be setKeyValue?
Object would be ‘Data’, Key would be the Column, and Value would be the value to replace?

  1. On Click
  2. Iterate (formula)
  3. Stop Iterator
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I think it should work indeed. Feel free to send a loom or a screenshot so that we can double check :wink:

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