Search with result

Could anyone walk me through the steps to setup the search with results? it shows results when i search for it but if my search variable is empty it still shows an empty box. Also a workflow to either show the results or the error message “no matches were found”. I understand it’ll involve variables and a workflow but i have no idea how to set this up. Thanks in advance.

To show the search result box only if the search value isn’t empty, you don’t need to use a workflow, just simple binding the display element to the search value:

  1. Find the element you want to show/hide. In this case the search results container ( You need to find the element, every child in the element will inherit it’s feature).

  1. Bind the display to Search results value = !“”.

And done!

To show the error message only when the no matches found.

  1. Find the item to show/hide in this case the text message)

  1. Bind the display to a conditional. That is, if Search value is in the list (meaning there is result), then set it to “True”, otherwise, “False”. Then it will show when it is true and hide when false.

done! Next you need to setup the conditional display for the results, just do the opposite of the error message, change the true and false position. And you’ll get what you need. I suggest you try and get a grasp on workflows and variables too after this, as you will find out throught your weweb venture you need to use that a lot. These are just few use cases where you don’t need them. Feel free to ask further questions. :grinning: