Reset Search to Empty

I have a Search setup, but every time I return to the search I kind of have to fiddle with it to get it to Clear and show me all results. Any idea on what I am supposed to do to make this work?

can you record a loom video? what do you mean by fiddle with it?

It seems like it’s persisting with the old search results, or just providing nothing, rather than resetting back to empty. I guess my question is, when setting up search, how do I make sure the search bar has no value every time so that it returns no results?

when do you want to set it to not having any value?

Use a workflow and reset the search bar - value whenever you want that to occur.

OK so just tried that, here is workflow.

Working Correctly when I open

Search for something, Search Works

Close the Popup which has an action to reset the search parameters for both the variable and the search box



Verify that they are cleared


Reopen the popup and you can see it is stuck with old data

What are you searching? a collection? In your workflow, when you clear the values, use a refetch collection action.


Ah that did the trick, thank you!