[resolved] Change variable / Partial update strange result - bug of feature?

When I try to use partial update for object I expect that value under Path in object will be changed.
But as a result I got new key+value pair added to this object instead.
Is this expected behaviour or bug?

my original fetched object, there is “Action” and value Wear
Screenshot 2022-12-22 at 20.29.03

I update this object with my workflow

partial update: I set Path to my parameter Action

And I add new value to replace Wear to Sell

And this what I get after executing this workflow:

Ive got new ROW where key is my old value and Value is new Value.

And I supposed partial update of object path will be: “action: Sell” not a new row.

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In the screenshot looks like you are actually setting the path to wear, that’s why you get a new property “wear” in your object.

If you want to change the property action set the path to “action” and the value to your new value.

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@dorilama thanks a lot for clarification :pray:, that helps!

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