Updating variable worklfow says success variable stays the same (empty object)

Hi Team,

Seems I might have found a bug (although similarly the problem can be between keyboard and monitor :crazy_face: ) :

I’ve set up one of my pages to run a workflow on page load before collections. The purpose of the workflow is to make 2 API calls and update 2 variables (1 call 1 variable 1 call 1 variable). When I test the workflow it says each consecutive step is a success and variables have been updated. Sadly only the first variable get’s updated. I tried it with different records and it seems to be an issue with all of them (the page involves presenting dynamic content from the variables). Any help or thoughts for debugging will be appreciated.

Can you take a loom and show the workflows?


It’s an app that you can easily take a video of your screen to show what is going on. Then you can post the link here so people can watch the video

Thanks @kevinwasie . I don’t really wanna layout my workflows here. But I can describe them in detail abstracting from the actual sensitive details of implementation if that works?

Hi @TrendiMike :wave:

It’s a little bit tricky to figure out if this is a bug or a setup issue with abstract information.

Would you mind recording a video and sending it to the support chat?


Hi @Joyce .

Absolutely I 'll record it and pop it there :slight_smile:

Today I got the same issue but then I’ve realised that var that i use is OBJ but after fetch I recieve an array. Issue fixed after I’ve changed type.

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I can confirm that the variable value is not changed if the object received through rest is saved in an “object” type variable. However, the array works just fine. For now, this can be used as a workaround, but this should probably be looked into.

So after I’ve done further digging, as I didn’t want to bother the hardworking team at weweb with such nonsense :hugs: , I found out the reason for the above behaviour! I can confirm that the problem (rightfully suspected by @kevinwasie and @Joyce :wink: ) was once again between the keyboard and the monitor as they say. Simply put I’ve been sending a list containing a single object to weweb from xano and trying to save it as an object variable. Sadly the test action didn’t flag it up as failure in the workflow testing, but I should’ve made sure I am sending a correct request myself.

@Anna.fae I am unsure if you are using Xano or something similar, but when you look at your api call, for the variable/object/whatever that you are going to return, have a look at the output section especially at the following part:

There depending on the option type → single, list etc what you’re sending will change. Hence why you can’t save a singlet object list as an object variable in weweb :man_facepalming: . Hopefully that helps @Anna.fae , so I will mark this as solution for now.

@Joyce do you reckon the test can be configured to check for the correct type as well in workflows?


Mmm great question! I don’t know but just added your suggestion to our user research. The product team will definitely have a look to see how we can help users in this case :slight_smile:

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