What to put in "path" to update a single item in an array within a variable?

I have an object variable (let’s call it variable X), and It has multiple fields, a, b, c, d.

Field D, the field I want to change, is an array of 3 things.


How do I update what’s in example, #0 of field D via a workflow, but NOT #1 and #2? i.e. instead of “I’m very excited to share…”, I want to change it to something else.

I tried to do this but it didn’t work.

It ended up like that:


Or is there something else I have to do altogether rather than trying to change the variable value in workflow?

I had a similar question about updating a single object in an array recently. I solved it using Co-Pilot but I’d like to know the no-code answer.

You seem to have the correct path, can you check the value you are using for the second parameter? It may explain the extra 0