LinkedIn OAuth with Xano

I followed the steps in the LinkedIn OAuth Xano’s extension, but I’m not sure what to do at step 6-7. I added ‘Init’ endpoint, but for ‘Continue’ endpoint, I get the error 500.

What should I do? Thanks

Hi @noncodeur :wave:

Adding LinkedIn OAuth via Xano to WeWeb is a bit of a hassle at the moment unfortunately. This thread about Facebook OAuth might help if you’re in a hurry.

If you have some leeway in terms of timing, we plan to release an update to the Xano Auth plugin by mid-November to make the process much easier.

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Hi Joyce, just wanted to check up on the xano social login status. Excited for it!

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I’m also curious about this. I tried the workaround mentioned above, but it doesn’t work and I couldn’t get enough support from WW to help get it working. The ability to support Auth0 with Xano is key, especially for any enterprise customer who is going to want SSO, user provisioning, etc.

We had to de-prioritize the update and are starting development on this on Monday. Unfortunately, I can’t share a revised estimated date at this stage because we have a number of large improvements that may delay this particular release.

Do you have a hard deadline for your project?

Agh, sorry we couldn’t provide enough support :confused:

2 questions for you:
1- do you have a hard deadline to have this in your project to help us prioritize accordingly?
2- does it work for you if we answer in your thread here?

I was planning on testing this feature by December but if it is delayed, could be flexible with mid to late December. Is it planned to be significantly later than that? I can try doing a manual work around now that you guys released the feature that can bind to external pages.

It would be really helpful to get that thread completed, I was at 90% and felt like I was almost there.

In terms of getting Xano/Auth0 working, I do think it’s important. One of the things I’m still not sure how will work is what changes with Auth0 and Xano in terms of securing tables. If you are building an app, have setup Xano security to protect tenancy in tables, and then you setup Auth0 and something changes, you don’t want to have to reconfigure all of your application security again, this complexity goes up even more when you have an entity with multiple users.

One of the other things Auth0 provides is the ability to provision users to an app, and hopefully automatically create new users in your application. Without any easy data import feature in WeWeb, this model makes it much easier to bring new people into an application at scale, without requiring your users to manually add every person.

Honestly, I’m not sure :grimacing:

But I can try to help you find a workaround! Can you send me a message with a link to your project so I can have a look?

FYI, there’s still a lot of work to do (development time + review and potential additional development time) but Xano social logins is in progress :slight_smile:


Xano Auth0 Social Login :heart_eyes:

Ugh this would resolve one of my biggest technical hurdles, I’m literally seething at the mouth for this update. :rofl:


Excellent news!!!

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Hi WeWeb Team,

Thanks for your great support.
At the last few days, I sweat quite a bit to make the xano-oauth-linkedin (social) plugin work.
So far no success.
After reading the above I am wondering whether its ready at all. :thinking:

I have followed the instructions on this page (bottom part)

However, when I press the continue button nothing happens on the UI. I do see on Xano that the init API is called successfully but then there is no redirection to LI and the continue API is not being called. I did set the redirection page URL on Linkedin.
What am I doing wrong?

Any sort of help would be tremendously appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot,

Also having problems using Auth0 - Something is missing in the instructions… Nobody responded to my other post.