Real-time changes from Xano

HI, is it possible to receive data in real time from xano, like a chat app?

now I fetch the collection again at the end of the workflow

or i need to create a plugin and install some lib for real-time data?

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Hi !

Receive realtime data in a web application require websocket (web protocol for setting up a bidirectionnel canal between a client and a server so the server can inform the client when a new message is posted in the chat for example)
We do not support websocket on weweb for now, you will need to implement your own plugin with websocket capability.

I see Xano has a plugin to enable an external chat service : Xano - Ably Realtime Chat Extension - YouTube
But it looks like its only to do a public chat, and I see no mention of websocket :thinking:

Another solution to exploit this Xano plugin would be to perform a request to the xano database every x seconds to refresh the messages list. But I think we miss an action to setup this type of workflow but you can probably do it with javascript.

Do not hesitate if you have any other questions!

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