Reading the Date from the local browser reliably

Hello, I know there is the date() formula from the date plugin. I have a requirement to read the date of the local browser to then save to the backend as the official date something occurs.
Is this the most reliable way of obtaining the date today that matches the users understanding without directly asking them?
I don’t need to know the time, but want to accurately know their local date (not mine) and the user could be anywhere in the world.
Thanking you in advanced

Hi @kdjamo :wave:

The convertDateTimezone formula should do the trick:

It expects a date as the first argument and the browser timezone as the second argument for which you can use the date () and getBrowserTimezone () formulas respectively.

Does that help?

Hello Joyce,

Yes that seems to work quite accurately. As long as people have the right timezone in their browser, its excellent.
For travellers that move between timezones, is there some grey area where browsers may hold the wrong timezone for long? I assume the browser gets its local timezone from the operating system which get its from the local time server which all seems to update rapidly?

Beeing a traveler myself, and having to work on app relying on time i can anwer this.
It depends :p.
So yes, the browser is using the local system configuration, so it depends if your user set the timezone to be auto sync or not. You can also have some weird behavior if your timezone uses wifi to guess timezone, and your wifi router is also traveling a lot (i work on international events as a hobby, and it happens a lot ^^)
I don’t think there is a better way to do it. You can only access what the system set