Current Date Display

This may be obvious and I am just missing it, but how do I display the current date (date accessed by user) on weweb? I have set up the date display element and bound it with “now()”, but that seems to be just displaying the date on which I most recently published the app.

now is only executed once.

To be sure to get the latest date, if I were you, I would use an on Page workflow to get the current date and time when the page view is executed :wink:

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Is there a way to get the current date and time from WeWeb, or would this require a call to the relevant backend?

WeWeb only handles the frontend, so the date is generated from the user’s browser. You indeed need a backend if you want to update it :wink:

can I have an explanation of your exact usecase? I may help you with a few lines of javascript.

Thanks so much for the offer to help. I went ahead and used Javascript to make it happen. I was just wondering if there was a no-code way already built-in. Thanks!

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