Python Flask App

Hi there - anyone have any insight into a good way to host a small python / flask application on WeWeb? We can use AWS to host the app (Lightsail or similar) but are there any best practises around accessing the app from WeWeb.

The app uses HTML as it’s UI.


Hey @bdx,

Not sure to understand. You’ve got a Python app rendering HTML that you want to host on Weweb?

Technically, Weweb only handle the frontend part of an app (HTML/CSS/JS that the end user sees in his browser). To use a backend app, the Weweb app needs to access it through an API (typically REST or GraphQL).

Also, you can’t host non-Weweb apps on Weweb.

By the way, we’re hourselves hosting on Amazon Web Services that you can use to host you Python app.

Other choices that I recommend as a pythonist:

Thanks Quentin. Indeed, I went down the route of hosting the app in AWS and using an iFrame to display in WeWeb