Publish partial app updates?

Wondering if there are existing plans to enable the ability to publish partial app updates, perhaps by page and theoretically by component eventually?.

Publishing the full app all at once limits the ability to be working on multiple pages, for instance, at once.

Also imagining a scenario where we discover a bug in our published production version that needs a hotfix. If we were in the middle of working new changes in the editor on a different feature, I’d want to be able to push just the hotfix and not the mid-dev items.

Based on my understanding of current capabilities, it seems my best approach is to keep 1 production project and 1 staging project. I will do virtually no development in the production project editor but instead, keep all active dev in the stage project. Then copy/paste elements/workflows from stage to production when i’m ready for final testing.

Is this the best approach with current capabilities?

Thanks in advance for any input - just doing some scenario planning for our production launch.

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I’m having trouble logging in to the feature request page, so just following up on this here with a suggestion/request.

As a user, i’d like to be able select which pages to publish into a new build when using the “Publish” button so that I can de-select any pages that are still in development.


Hello, I created a ticket for you :slight_smile:

thanks, @Mael :pray: