Probable bug - Rich text block issues

Hi, I am using a rich text block to pull data from my Airtable database. Field is formatted as rich text editable in Airtable and has formatting like bold, line breaks, links, bullets and paragraphs.

Problems I am observing in Weweb,

  • Links never work (100% of the time)
  • Bolds are inconsistent
  • Line breaks don’t work

And then this… see the attached image… Half of it is rendering bold, other half showing the Markdown coding and not rendering properly. This is all the same block. Not sure this is even possible. Also none of the line breaks are rendered.

Happy to find out that i am making an error but Rich Text Block seems like a very half cooked and released function in the system.

for bold

you need to ensure there is no space between the first letter and last letter to bolded and its accompanying astrisk

*sdf* works while * sdf * will not

for the rest, we’d need to see your input value to the block to help out

That formatting is Airtable’s making, not my manual markdown code, it is interesting to know.

Below i copy pasted from Airtable, as you can see, lines are separated properly to this editor. But not rendered properly in Weweb.

Material Sourced using Organic Methods:

Cotton verified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS),

Organic Content Standard (OCS).

Here is the editor image, fixing the space issue, no idea why line breaks and links do not work.

the issue is the formatting in your text. you need to remove. the white space beteen the : (colon) and the **(double. asterisk)

for newline issues, they’re weird but if you need more than 1 line space between paragraphs you include a <br> tag

test your markdown here

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Thanks super helpful.
Still cannot see any links being rendered properly, but will keep tinkering.