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I’m currently creating a database of articles and I’d like to add links within my articles to either link to other page of my app or towards other websites. The way I do it today is to create a record in airtable with all the info about my article. Then I have a column with the content of my article. This field accept mark up and HTML.

The HTML tags (H2, H3 etc) are correctely recognized but the <a> tag is not and renders something weird. Indeed the link goes to a new line. Cf screenshots

Can you help me with that ? Thx a lot

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Hi Gauthier!

I wasn’t able to reproduce the exact same behavior on my side but WeWeb doesn’t seem to handle the a tag great when it’s in an Airtable Rich Text field. I’ll ask the devs if they can help with this.

In the meantime, can you try getting rid of the CSS styling in Airtable and styling the a tag in WeWeb instead?

If that doesn’t work, putting in the link without an a tag in an Airtable Rich Text field works a charm but may not be ideal for your use case.

May I ask why you’re adding the HTML in Airtable and not markdown? Is it a csv import from somewhere else or is it just easier for you to write HTML?

PS: of course, Kaamelott rules :wink:

Hi Joyce!

Thanks for the help will try it asap

Well I’ve tried adding the links directly in Airtable and I get this

Ok found the solution, the issue was the type of component used in the Weweb editor, I used the “text” component instead of the “Rich text” one :confused:


Aaaah ok, makes sense!