Post API query body. If that "fields"?

Hi Team / Community!

I’m not sure if I understand Post API queries in your platform. Is there a way that I can simply make a post request with a JSON body without using the Fields section? For me it would be easier to simply paste the JSON that the endpoint requires and add variables to is as needed. As a feature it would also be nice to have CURL import.

Or would someone be able to point me to the direction of how “fields” works.
Would fields be equivalent to key/value pairs in json?

As an example, how would the below body look like in the request in “fields” section: Ignore the key names. It’s just an example

"geoDistanceFilter": {
  "center": {
    "lat": 0,
    "lng": 0


Here’s an example of a POST request to an API endpoint in Xano:

And a step-by-step guide on how it works: in writing and in video.

Does that help?

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Hello! Thank you! I’ll check