Rest API Ignore Fields

I am using the REST API plugin to POST to an API endpoint in xano. There are certain fields in the endpoint that I do not want to change. How do I setup my API call to just ignore or skip over those fields?

I recommend using the Xano plugin not the REST plug in.

To answer your question, on the Xano side you can hide inputs that you don’t want to update ever, or use the first_not_empty filter to ignore any blank values in an input. This page and the video on it explains:

Besides the UX that the Xano plugin provides, are there any functional benefits/capabilities that it provides that the REST API can’t?

We only get 4 plugins, it doesn’t make sense to use a redundant plugin that does that exact same thing.

I need the REST API elsewhere since it allows you to manually pass the authentication token in the header, where as the XANO plugin does not.

You need to set this logic up on xanos side, using either first_not empty or first_not null and not their standard patch call.

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