Xano Get Request & Text Boxes

Here’s my workflow. I have a form I am creating and want to enable a user to save and close and return to finish the information at a later date.

I figured out how to post the data through a Xano put request just fine, link the fields to the database, initiate on button push.

What I can’t seem to figure out is reading that data back into the text boxes using the Init value. When I do a Get request it comes over as a data blob that I don’t know what to do with.

I was hoping (maybe not possible) that it would have those little cool boxes in the right hand side in the request place that I can re-link the fields to the database read-in… But it may not be possible…

Just like how you link the fields you post, bind your init value to the data you want.

Thats the part that makes sense haha. How did you get that data to read in though through the Xano data? So far on page load it will read in that data, but I cant make sense of where I should go to get that data to put it in that field. Thanks!

OK I think I figured it out. It was briefly glossed over on the Xano post here: :boomerang: GET Data from Xano (weweb.io) but apparently you have to create a collection and link the collection to Xano. I missed that step. Now its showing up in the Collections option and once it fetches the user data it shows there. I’m still curious if thats the best way but thats whats working for me now. I don’t know how it will interact on new users or users that don’t have data there so will figure that out next. :slight_smile:

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Yes thats the best way. Compared to other app builders, I think weweb’s is the easiest because of this. You define the collections, and use it wherever you want. Other builders you need to define them at every component you want to use.

Honestly I’ve not touched dev before, just really enjoy tinkering with tech and this is so fun with the added benefit I can see what I build relatively quickly. I’ve been loving it :slight_smile: