One-Click Sign On

I’m looking at adding an online demo on my website. I’d like to have someone fill out a contact form, and then get forwarded to a URL and automatically signed into my application. Is it possible to pass login credentials through URL or some mechanism that I could easily facilitate this with?

Some questions:
What backend are you using for auth?
Is the user already registered and you need to sign in or is it a sign up?
Are you asking for the credentials in your form?

Backend is Xano

It would be a pre-created account that everyone would have access (read only)

Nope, the form would be a contact form to capture data, once they go through that then they would just be redirected to my app where they can use it as a sort of demo.

I’m thinking that this is like when you go to the demo page of a dashboard and the login form says “login with user demo and password demo” right?

It’s a public demo account used by everyone that will be redirected there.

You can actually use a login action with email and password of the test account and execute when you prefer (eg. on page load).

Yep exaclty, except i don’t want to show the user/pass, just have it log them in automatically. I wonder if I create a login page just for this, with credentials already populated… not a bad idea.

You don’t need to show the email/password to the user when you use the login action. Just hardcode them in the action and trigger it when you need it.

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