New pricing announcement

I still have many doubts about the difference between project and work plans

  • On the Workspace plan, can I have multiple unlimited projects on different active domains?

  • Example in the Team plan: is there a limitation of up to 3 members, are there any other limitations or is that all?

Hey @Diogo :wave:

Workspace plans and projects plans are different in a way that a project plan applies to one project only, whereas a workspace plan applies to a whole workspace and its projects.

  • To have an active project on a domain, you need a project plan (any paid plan includes a custom domain).
  • Workspace plans are described here:

    In addition to the max number of seats in the workspace, you also have the ability to import custom components starting from Business, and Enterprise features such as SLA and the Self-hosting API in the top plan.

You can find the whole pricing here: WeWeb Pricing – Build for free, pay when you publish

Hope that makes sense!

@Quentin What plans do you need to download the source code

Any paid plan, as long a you’re taking the yearly commitment :wink:

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I participate in groups of thousands of No-Code and Low-Code developers, after the new Bubble pricing, it will not be able to continue on a large scale, everyone is researching new platforms for Web and mobile, and we found Flutterflow for Mobile and a lack of platform for Web… .Our suggestion is that you follow almost the same model as flutterflow, pay to use the editor, with unlimited projects, but with plans with some limitations… So you will conquer many +users and developers to add to Web and Mobile.

We are waiting for your return to pass it on to my groups, Thank you for your attention

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I agree with Diogo.

I think it’s limited and unfair without a feature to collaborate on a project.
Imagine a startup building only a project or MVP and without a seat to collaborate.
To force to pay the plan account does not make sense.