Workspaces, pricing, and client collaboration

Hi all, I had a few questions as I’m building out a client project—

  1. What’s the functional difference between a workspace and an account? Is the only difference billing?

  2. If I wanted to have two live projects, would I have to get an “enterprise” plan to have them on the same workspace?

  3. What’s the best approach to collaborating with a client right now? For now, I’ve created a separate account under an email that’s shared by myself and a client. It seems like that might be a reasonable approach for now, but I’m curious what the WeWeb team would recommend.

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I’m not sure who the best one is for this question, maybe @Joyce?

This is a @Raphael question :slight_smile:


Hi @caffeinatedwes, thanks for asking!

  1. one account can have access to several workspaces. For example, you can “own” one workspace and hold the subscription + have access to another workspace if someone invites to collaborate and not pay anything for it.

  2. yes, for more than one project we are always keen to get on a call to discuss the volume of projects being built and decide to apply a volume discount if it makes sense.

  3. to collaborate with a client, we suggest that you have the client creating a WeWeb account and invite him in your workspace to start collaborating. Once the project is completed, you can transfer the project to your client’s workspace by simply asking us.

Hope this helps and let us know if you think we should improve the above!

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Thanks for the details, @Raphael.

I see. Thank you for clarifying.

For anyone else reading the thread, it’s worth noting this is available on the scale plan or higher; this is not available on the free or starter plan.

I saw you emailed—I’ll respond here shortly. Thank you!

Do you suggest this route so agencies and freelancers have more control over the project (ex. “When you make the final payment, we’ll transfer the project to your workspace.”) or are there additional benefits of this approach?

Pricing, feature gating, usage limits, etc. is a tough one!

Here’s some feedback is from a point of view of an “agency” in the case it’s helpful—

  1. From my perspective, I feel like the best route to collaborating with the client right now is creating the client’s WeWeb account, developing there, sharing those credentials with my subcontractors/team, and upgrading to get “live” testing (or wait until launch); I don’t see the value of the current agency plan. :thinking:

  2. I would pay for an agency plan if it gave me much more value as a freelancer/agency. For example, I currently pay for Xano’s Agency (Lite) plan because…

  • I can offer the clients I’m working with a 20% discount
  • I can customize my client’s pricing plans (I can add versioning, capacity, team members, etc.—they still get 20% off any the pricing)
  • I can access and see all of my client projects under my account
  • I can share a referral link that gets others I share it with a 10% discount (and that allows me to get 10% of their subscription for 12 months)

Something that’s nice, but not the reason I’m paying for the agency plan: I get 20% of the clients’ I’m working with subscription fees, and eventually, I don’t have to pay for an agency plan. I don’t always like referral schemes, but the reason I’m doing it is that it adds benefits to the client that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

Thanks! That’s helpful. We’ll revamp the pricing in Q4 and your feedback gives us great inputs.


@Raphael one other question—could you define “monthly visits”.

Are those page views, unique visitors, etc.?

Can I add some reflections about an agency plan?

What I would like is:

  • any number of apps, no live mode. I should be able to move the ownership to the client once we need to go live so the client can choose the live plan and publish the app.
  • Preview environment. I should be able to build the app and preview it outside the editor for testing or showing it to the client. Ideally with basic http auth. I imagine the problem for you can be the number of builds. If that’s the case maybe there is a right amount of builds per month included.
  • 2 collaborators per app. Because sharing credential is insecure and so 2000 XD. If I am on a developer plan I can be a collaborator of any app that grants me access, so I can keep working on the app of a client after it’s live.
  • versioning, or at least snapshots where I can go back if needed.

Totally disagree on referral schemes because my job is to develop the app for the client. The benefit for the client is all the things I can build using only a micro team thanks to the platform.


@caffeinatedwes, these are pages views. I updated the pricing page on our site to make it clearer. Thanks for asking.

Thanks for your inputs @dorilama! This is noted and will help our reflexions when we open that topic next quarter :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Raphael. For further clarity for myself and others—how has WeWeb defined “page view” in the context of a SPA?

If WeWeb apps weren’t single page applications, the answer would be pretty straightforward, but as the apps are SPA, the definition isn’t as clear to me. :thinking:

For example, a standard Google Analytics setup would really track only one page view for what is more or less a “session” of usage—

The Google Analytics global site tag works well with traditional websites because the snippet code is run every single time the users load a new page. However, for a single page application where the site loads new page content dynamically rather than as full page loads, the gtag.js snippet code only runs once. This means subsequent (virtual) pageviews must be measured manually as new content is loaded.


After a quick discussion with @Slavo, my understanding is that a page view is counted when a user visits your app and when they change page (like from Interactions in a SPA that wouldn’t involve page navigation wouldn’t count as a multiple page views.

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Our! , I’ve never seen this charge for amounts of visits, when I improve this plan I’ll come back here.

Hi Diogo, actually this did change since the last post in this thread back in January.

The current pricing refers to app visits, which is different to page views.

How do we count app visits?

If a user opens their browser to visit a WeWeb app, we count one visit for as long as they stay on the app. When they navigate to other pages of the app, we do not count additional visits.

If the same user closes their browser and opens it again to visit the same WeWeb app again, we count another visit.

Another way to look at “app visits” is similar to user “sessions” in Google Analytics except that we don’t have that 30 minute timeframe. If the user spends 1 hour or however long visiting your WeWeb app, we only count 1 visit as long as they don’t close the browser.

Does that make sense?



In the case of self-hosted, would this page count count towards plans?


They aren’t any page count when you’re self-hosting :wink:

There is an ETA to add a seat per project?
I think it’s limited and unfair without a feature to collaborate on a project.
Imagine a startup building only a project or MVP and without a seat to collaborate.
To force to pay the plan account does not make sense.