My app started to get very slow and runs out of memory, out of nowhere

I want to know if anybody else is experiencing this.

My app has been running normally for almost a year with no issues, but 2 months ago, without any changes on my end, the app started to run very slow, until runs out of memory and crashes.

The web app start to get slow even if I just let the window open, without doing anything.
When the user opens the app and starts to using it, everything works ok, but every minute that pass by, the app gets slower and slower.

I made the experiment of just open the tab and don’t do anything during 5 minutes, and after this time, I used it and the app was already super slow, like there was a background something consuming memory.

I already checked the “Network”, when the app gets slow, and I want for example open a pop up, I click the button, but the pop up takes 10 seconds to show, and the network shows that only after this 10 seconds the queries and workflows start to executing, so is not a problem of the queries.

Is anybody experiencing this also?

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Hi @visualdevs :wave:

If you haven’t already, could you create a support ticket here so the team can investigate?

If applicable, make sure to include credentials that allows us to login to your app so we can experience the live app as you do.

Thank you Joyce I just created the ticket

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I’m seeing a pattern, the supabase websockets are taking minutes.

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Thanks a lot for creating the ticket and providing additional context, Victor. Really appreciate it. Will pass it along to the team

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Looking forward for a response, my users are hating me right now :frowning:

Did you try to export to vercel and link both GitHub repo et vercel project to your supabase ?

I have not, have you had a similar issue?

Mmh nah don’t think so but my current weweb web app wasn’t my current priority but didn’t notice issue here run as expected ( very lighted it tho for the next step of the road !
Did you search in your supabase backend the logs might be due to free plan limitation !
They have now a performance advisor inside supabase db could be useful

We’re releasing a infrastructure update next Thursday which should hopefully help. If it doesn’t, I’m going to reopen your ticket and let you know the updates.

Hi Luka, just wanted to know if you guys released this update?

Yes, it was released last week, did it help your issues?