Live workshop: How to build custom components in WeWeb

Hello :wave:

At 9am EST on Friday 20th May, we’ll be hosting a live workshop on Twitch with:

  • @aurelie – head of Frontend at WeWeb
  • @dorilama – no-code developer at Serafini Studio,
  • @emanuele – no-code developer at Serafini Studio.

Mariano and Emanuele worked on a Stripe plugin a few weeks ago. Aurélie reached out to them to share some best practices and help them iterate on the first version.

During the live workshop, they’ll talk about that experience, walk us through some of the things they did, and take your questions.

They might even start building another custom component on the spot!

See you there?

Here’s a Google Calendar placeholder.

We’ll be hanging out on Aurélie’s Twitch channel.

Come say hang out with us :slight_smile:

At 9am EST on Friday 20th May