Linking page in array

Hi there, I have many question
1- How can I test to which extent you can make a page responsive - like for ipad/mobile/different screen sizes without change in my project design?

2- I can’t link the data if its array I think I should use if function but I don’t know which one ( See the PIC ) I try some function but not working
First I have two table which I link my data in collection list in it ( Array column )

and I use dropdown selecting to sort from other table by specific column in that table ( which is Array column )

I’m following you in this lesson Build a job board with Xano (backend) and WeWeb (frontend) – PART 1 - YouTube

3- Also there this collection list that I post it from Xano is not appear / this if I change the page to a save option

Finally I’m sorry for the longest message but I need to learn it ASAP PLZ
If can I have some email for you to provide some picture
Thank you

Hi @NoofSoud :wave:

For future questions, please try to create one post per theme with a descriptive title for each question. It helps other users find questions and answers.

1- Regarding responsive design, you can preview your project on desktop, table, and mobile and adjust the design for each breakpoint (see here)

Questions 2 and 3 – I’m not sure I understand. Could you please provide a link to your WeWeb project and a short loom video to explain what you are trying to do?

Thank you!