Letting users create their own forms/pages?

Has anyone built in WeWeb letting your app’s users customize their own simple blog or web pages? Use case - our app is going to let people post videos like YouTube and event listings like Eventbrite. They will need to be able to edit the content and basic layout things on their page. Does anyone in the community have an example project to show off where this or something similar was done with WeWeb? Looking for inspiration, tips, or words of caution on building something like this with WeWeb. Thanks all! :slight_smile:

Pretty sure I saw someone do this with WeWeb on Twitter.

Can’t remember who :grimacing: Will try to find that post for you!

@dorilama did a page builder on his reddit, @jptrinh did a similar thing too, and I have a drag and drop builder on my twitter too. So it’s definitely doable, even very granularly.
What kind of complexity are we talking about?

@Broberto Do you have a link to your post? I wasnt able to find that or the reddit lol I’m interested in seeing how a page builder can be done

Hey, I just showcased it can be done by playing around with it, I haven’t posted a tutorial.

I built it for my enterprise project already. Did you solve this?

Hi there (and Broberto and any others) - we have not yet solved this and would be interested in learning more about how you have!