Letter Spacing Feedback

It would be awesome to have a little more control of the letter spacing.

Today, we can only increase by 1px units. Designers sometimes use 1/2 and 1/4 pixel units.

I’m posting a good example below. I have disclaimer text that is 12px font size. Using the 1px letter spacing is too much, but .25 or .5 would be perfect. Small details that make your design accessible and beautiful.

cc @Joyce

Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 10.17.50

In these cases you might want to look into the relative units (em, rem) or just traight bind whatever measure you need (via the plug by writing a string).

Thank you.

I’ll rather have this enhanced in the weweb platform so I can manage the value systematically :slightly_smiling_face:

Using fractions < 1px is a terrible idea and that’s what the relative units are for. If you still feel like it’s a good idea, you can create a product ticket and let WeWeb decide.

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